Austria, a short holiday suited to all tastes

In Italy we have some of the most beautiful mountains in the world: many peaks and alpine valleys offer incredible views that also entice people who usually prefer the sea to the mountains. Who of us has never, at any rate, ever touched the idea of ​​spending a few days in a camper van or tent at the feet of these rock giants? For those who are not settle for the Italian mountains and want to cross the border however, there will be no disappointment: on the other side of the Alps there is a country that, in terms of breathtaking natural landscapes, has nothing to envy us. We are talking about Austria, our neighbor. There are many reasons to be fascinated by it, depending on your interests: from history buffs, to mountain lovers (be it summer or winter) passing through the fans of all kinds of sports.

How to get there?

An enormous advantage for those who decide to visit it is its easy accessibility, given that the passes allow to reach it in a few hours via the Brenner, Tarvisio or the Resia Pass (just to mention the main ones). For those wishing instead to reach Austria from other parts of Italy farther from the border, it is better to opt for flights that connect many cities with the airport of Vienna or that of Bratislava (in Slovakia, but with excellent and frequent connections with the Austrian capital).

What to do in the summer

But let's get to what interests us most: what can we do once we arrive? If you have chosen to visit Austria in the spring or summer and you love bicycles, we advise you to take them with you because you will find many itineraries to go: the Wienerwald for example, a wooded area located outside the capital, which offers very interesting routes both for nature lovers and for those of art and history thanks to the many cloisters and villages to visit. Other destinations suitable for mountain bike lovers, but also for trekking and walking, are the Alti National Park Tauri and the Lake Constance area, especially for those who prefer more open views than a woodland environment.

Winter activities

For those who decide for a visit during the winter period, perhaps in campers or caravans given the fairly low temperatures, there are many places not to be missed: those who love skiing, for example, cannot miss the Tyrol with its slopes. Austria on the other hand is famous for its tradition in this winter sport, which can be practiced in more than four hundred districts scattered throughout the country (Kitzbüehl and Sölden, to name two). For those who do not want to wear boots there are beautiful cities to visit such as Innsbruck, Linz and Graz and Salzburg. Without obviously counting the capital Vienna. And if the period chosen for your holiday was in December, in almost all Austrian cities you will find the famous Christmas markets.

Not only sports and outdoor activities though, as you can very well combine all this with moments of total relaxation: the autochthonous thermal baths are famous throughout Europe and relax in one of the Bad bei Wien, Bad Gastein or Bad Kleinkircheim facilities absolutely worth the trip. Or alternate days of walking in the woods and mountains with a bit of sightseeing on the streets of Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace or the Benedictine monastery of Nonnberg.

We can say that Austria is a country that satisfies everyone, even if the interests are different; it is only a question of finding the right chemistry among the many things it offers.

Photo: Eric Bauer