Campsites in Basilicata

Let's leave for a tour of the "Sassi" of Matera, in an absolutely unique setting and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Let's dive into the narrow streets of Maratea with its caves, junipers and its balconies decked with flowers. And then again to the Pollino national park: 192 acres of nature perfect for who wants to go hiking; fantastic excursions to discover the Mediterranean: you will find yourself surrounded by oaks, black pines, eagles, wolves, hawks and roe deer. A camping in Basilicata will be the ideal base to visit the archaeological sites of Metaponto and Policoro, relax in the spa in Rapolla, do some paragliding in the Dolomiti Lucane, sip some wine produced by prestigious wineries and cross the yellow fields of cereal crops. Discover the great sea and land and chase the legends of the Templars.